Relentlessly Pursuing Excellence:

On a Mission to Live an Awesome, Kick-Ass Life!

Hi, I’m Wes and this digital journal is where I share my personal thoughts, stories, and experiences. I aim to not only relate my pursuit, but to inspire and motivate others to realize their true potential.

About Me

Evolving my mindset and methods to new horizons.

With 17+ years of sales and investment experience, I have refined my skills in client relationship management, strategic decision-making, and navigating the complexities of the financial markets. However, this is not what defines me. My identity is shaped by my inner virtues and moral character. I’ve solidified my determination, through introspection and conscious effort, to achieve my fullest potential and become the greatest version of myself. This involves exploring more profoundly my values, beliefs, and behaviors, and actively working to align them with virtuous ideals. I am on a mission to continuously strive towards personal excellence while fearlessly seizing every opportunity to live an awesome, kick-ass life filled with passion, purpose, and boundless adventure.

Rediscovering My Core

I am reconnecting with my inner-self, rediscovering the foundations of who I am, and reclaiming my authenticity with resolute determination and an unyielding commitment to personal growth and development.

Defying New Limits

Navigating the path of continuous growth and exploration requires actively confronting challenges, boldly seizing opportunities, and embracing new experiences with unwavering strength, discipline, and resilience.

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